Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Boy Scrap Album

My boss asked if I could create her son's baby scrapbook for her and I was happy to do it.  The book was a total of 22 pages.  This was my chance to give my Cricut machine a good work out.  :) 

Here are just a couple of the pages I did.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello!  Ciao!  Bonjour!  Powitanie!  Hola!

Welcome to Positively Magnificient Scrapper (or better known as PMS.  ;) )
After working on this the better part of the day, my blog is up and running. 

I've posted just a small sample of my work; but of course, I will add more photos later.  As well as...if you are connected to facebook you can see A LOT more of my work there.

I'm open to feedback, always open to learning more about this "art" that many of us enjoy, supporting other scappers; as well as, making friendships. 

So...thank you for stopping by and let's chat!