Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Award!

Good Morning, again!  :)

Well...I share some exciting news...last night before going to bed I received a message from Gloria saying she is awarding me the "Stylish Blogger Award!" 

I will admit...I was clapping and smiling like a little girl on Christmas morning when I saw this.  :D

There are a few guidelines when receiving this award.  Upon receiving this award I must thank the person and link it back to their blog, pass the award on to 8 individuals (blogs) that you recently discovered, inform all the new recipients of their award, and share 8 things about myself.

I promise this won't be a drawn out "Oscar" speech.  LOL!  ;) 

First and foremost...I need to say THANK YOU to Gloria who awarded me.  I truly appreciate that you see something in my work and that you felt you could pass this award onto me.  THANK YOU!

I would like to pass this fun award and recognize these 8 individuals.  I have to is not easy to choose because each and every one of us are talented and creative in this paper craft that we enjoy.  This is in no particular order. 

2. Linda - Fancy Framework
4.  Norma - PinkBlingCrafter
5.  Karlee - Karlee Krafts
6.  Carina - Paper Junkie
7.  Michelle Lee - Meesh's Pieces
8.  Jacqueline - My Paper Moose

To end this are 8 things about myself.  Don't worry...I won't quiz you.  ;)

1.  I have a  ‘guilty’ indulgence for overpriced coffee: Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.
2.  I have been paper crafting for 7 years and still enjoy it tremendously.  I hope to make a career out of it.
3.  This past September, as a 31st birthday (HOLY CAT BALLS...did I just admit that?!  LOL) present to myself, I bought the Cricut Expression; and have not had any regrets!
4.  I have a slight obsession and strong passion to travel to Europe (mainly: France, England, and Italy).
5.  I am an animal lover.  My two dogs mean the world to me. 
6.  I have one older sibling who is the pain in my ass that is my best friend who happens to be in the form of a brother.
7.  I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 23 years.
8.  I live by the old saying "Treat people the way I want to be treated."  With that said...I like to meet new people.  So...don't be shy...let's chat!  :)


  1. COngratulations on your award!! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this Stylish blog Award!!! I really appreciate it! I will post as soon as I can.
    many hugs,