Thursday, May 19, 2011

Award & Quick "work" Project

Hey Crafty Peeps!

I wanted to share a quick craft I did with one of the children I take care of (I'm an Au Pair).  Normally, the child is not big on making/doing crafts (I know...shocking; right?!) but he's starting to think that between workbook/lessons or doing crafts; crafts is not that bad.  LOL  He is also a huge aviation fan so we used my Cricut to cut out planes, jets, helicopters to make pin wheel boutiques.  I think these turned out too cute!  

Cricut cartridge used was Stand & Salute. 

White card stock cut at 5 1/2" squares and used Stampin Up Classic Stars jumbo wheel inked in Yoyo Yellow. 

Cut all 4 corners to the middle and folded every other side. 

Fastened all together with a good ol fashion brass plated fastners.  I used straws to fasten the pin wheel to.  The little guy wanted to use flags to decorate the planes.

On to other news...a friend of mine; Patty at Creative Diva awarded me the CRICUT-TASTIC AWARD.

The info about this award is pretty basic...a blog is deemed CRICUT-TASTIC!  Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with other friends.  The award-ie needs to pass this award onto 10 other people who they think have a CRICUT-TASTIC blog.  The award-ie, also needs to share 5 CRICUT related things about self.

  1. As a 31st birthday present to myself (September 2010), I bought the Cricut Expression.
  2. I've been good at purchasing cartridges when on sale; never full price ($80 plus). - YIKES!  ;)
  3. The majority of my projects, cards, scrap albums all involve me using the Cricut; somehow.  
  4. Went to my first scrapbook expo and purchased the Gypsy back in February 2011.
  5. I think whatever I am working on, using the Cricut and cartridges; add a whole new life to the project.
It's never easy to decide who can get an award; especially with this hobby.

  1. Linda
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Glora
  4. Lauren
  5. Lisa
  6. Gloria
  7. Faith
I'm going to bend the rules a little (shhh...don't tell) and leave the other 3 spaces up to you.  Leave me a comment on who you think is CRICUT-TASTIC and I will post it here and notify them.  How does that sound?  :)