Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog Award

It's Monday afternoon and I have the next 6 days off from work.  What shall I do with myself?!  LOL!  Yes... Crafting is on that list.  Been doing that the last two days.  I stayed up till 2-3am working on projects.  Crazy?!  Perhaps; but I'm not complaining.  :)

I would like to extend a huge Thank You to my friend Patty over at Creative Diva for her continued support for my blog and projects.  She passed on this blog award to me, "The Irresistibly Sweet Blog."  If you haven't already, please stop by and check out Patty's blog: .  We all need to support each other with our talents.  :)
Thank you Patty!

There are 3 requirements for accepting this blog award:
1.  Send a thank you to the the person who nominated you and include their blog link.
2.  Recipient of this award needs to share 7 random facts about self.
3.  Pass award to at least 8 other blogs.

7 RANDOM FACTS about me:
Warning: these are really random.  Trying not to repeat self from previous fact sharing posts.  ;)

1.  I enjoy "live" music/shows.  Recently saw Broadway show "Burn The Floor" and went to my first U2 concert = FABULOUS!  
2.  A hazard to being a Nanny...getting hooked and enjoy watching certain cartoons (Phineas & Ferb, Olivia).
3.  I have a "small" shoe addiction.
4.  I would like to be able to volunteer/run an animal/dog sanctuary.  
5.  A guilty indulgence of mine: watching Bravo Channel and "The Real Housewives" shows.
6. I secret dream I have is to be able to take off to another country; like "Under The Tuscan Sun" and/or "Eat, Pray, Love."  :D
7.  ??  ;)

8 blogs that I am passing this award onto:

Thank you for taking the time to read my little space on the internet.   

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  1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you sharing this award with me.